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CONTENTS 96 Marvin Gaye had some ideas about the relationship between religion, romance and sex. His biographer David Ritz reports the following remark from Gaye upon meeting the teenage woman who became his wife, and would obsess his work from the hyper-erotic Lets Get It On until the end of his life: I saw her […]


CONTENTS 93 In concert, Uptown would be delivered as a final, audience-binding encore. The shows are remembered as a complete, carnal pot-pourri of mutated pop sexuality with a real edge of hunger. These kids from the middle of nowhere were making people sit up and show provincial weirdness some respect. Dirty Mind was a mission, […]


CONTENTS 67 even thought of I knew his first wife, as much as I could being a kid. Soon, there were further connections with the Nelsons, one of them nurtured by the church; the Nelsons, like many black families, were practising Seventh Day Adventists, and so was Mrs Andersons husband, Fred. But also, there was […]

Yo, Little Sister

Yo, Little Sister By Staff Rolling Stone Okay, so they haven’t got the same cheekbones, but Tyka Nelson is Prince’s only sibling (he’s got several stepbrothers and stepsisters). And now she’s following in his high-heeled footsteps, recording her first album in Minneapolis. But little big brother Prince won’t be producing, writing or even singing on […]